Material Handling Products
Forklift Trucks

Several brands and makes of forklift trucks are supported. TheĀ  CLARK, and other brands which can be supplied as either diesel, electric or gas. Also available is the combination type petrol/gas. Various types of engines possibilities (various attachments like side shift, clamps, etc) including the famous Perkins for the diesel types exist. Capacities range from 1.5ton to 20tons for the diesel types and from 1.25ton to 3.5ton for the battery operated (electric) types. There are various choices of mast types (simplex, duplex and triplex) with heights ranging from the container friendly type 2.8m up till 5.6m. There is also a choice between pneumatic and solid tyres.


Pallet Trucks

These hand pallet trucks are designed for the lifting and transportation of palletised loads up to 3000kg using pallets measuring up to 1000 x 1200mm. There is always a truck to meet your needs whether it be warehousing, distribution, transport, retail or manufacturing. Lifting and lowering are hydraulic in operation with excellent stroke/lift ratio, controlled with a three position handle for lift/neutral/lower.
Option: Rubber wheels, Polyurethane wheels, Steels wheels, Parking handbrake, Lower level forks, Hi-lift pallet trucks.